Thursday, October 29, 2009

Messi 2016

Lionel Messi extended his stay at FC Barcelona when he put pen-to-paper on a new deal at the club on Friday. The Argentinian forward’s new agreement runs until 2016 and has a buy-out clause of €250million included.

Having previously had a contract until 2014 with a clause of €150million the club have improved the player’s deal.

20090918_M3_7824.jpgThe 22-year-old signed the new contract on Friday in the Barça club offices and also present were 3 PM. With the new deal Messi has insured that he will be a Blaugrana player for 15 years as he joined the club’s youth team ranks in 2001.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Julio Cruz Football Picture

Julio Cruz PosterJulio Cruz Poster

Julio Cruz Football PictureJulio Cruz Football Picture

Julio Cruz & Luis FigoJulio Cruz & Luis Figo

Jose Antonio Reyes Picture

Jose Antonio Reyes Football PictureJose Antonio Reyes Football Picture

Jose Antonio Reyes PosterJose Antonio Reyes Poster

Jose Antonio Reyes Football PlayerJose Antonio Reyes Football Player

Jose Antonio Reyes PictureJose Antonio Reyes Picture

Paul Scholes Best Football Player

Paul Scholes Football PicturePaul Scholes Football Picture

Paul Scholes WallpaperPaul Scholes Wallpaper

Paul Scholes Manchester United TeamPaul Scholes Manchester United Team

Paul Scholes Football WallpaperPaul Scholes Football Wallpaper

Paul Scholes PosterPaul Scholes Poster

Paul ScholesPaul Scholes

Paul Scholes Best Football PlayerPaul Scholes Best Football Player

Alberto Gilardino Football Wallpaper

Alberto Gilardino PosterAlberto Gilardino Poster

Alberto Gilardino Football PictureAlberto Gilardino Football Picture

Alberto GilardinoAlberto Gilardino

Alberto Gilardino Football WallpaperAlberto Gilardino Football Wallpaper

Tomas Rosicky Arsenal Player

Tomas Rosicky PosterTomas Rosicky Poster

Tomas Rosicky PictureTomas Rosicky Picture

Tomas Rosicky WallpaperTomas Rosicky Wallpaper

Tomas Rosicky Arsenal PlayerTomas Rosicky Arsenal Player

Totti From AS Roma Football Team

AS Roma Logo TeamAS Roma Logo Team

AS Roma WallpaperAS Roma Wallpaper

AS Roma Football PlayersAS Roma Football Players

AS Roma Girl WallpaperAS Roma Girl Wallpaper

AS Roma CelebrationAS Roma Celebration

Totti From AS Roma Football TeamTotti From AS Roma Football Team

Daniel Guiza Best Striker From Spanyol

Daniel  Guiza WallpaperDaniel Guiza Wallpaper

Daniel  Guiza Football PictureDaniel Guiza Football Picture

Daniel  Guiza Best Striker From SpanyolDaniel Guiza Best Striker From Spanyol

Cristiano Ronaldo Wallpaper photo

Cristiano Ronaldo Best PictureCristiano Ronaldo Best Picture

Cristiano Ronaldo PosterCristiano Ronaldo Poster

Cristiano Ronaldo PhotoCristiano Ronaldo Photo

Cristiano Ronaldo Football PictureCristiano Ronaldo Football Picture

Cristiano Ronaldo Best Football PlayerCristiano Ronaldo Best Football Player

Cristiano Ronaldo WallpaperCristiano Ronaldo Wallpaper

Jamie Carragher Poster

Jamie Carragher England Football TeamJamie Carragher England Football Team

Jamie Carragher Football PictureJamie Carragher Football Picture

Jamie Carragher Best WallpaperJamie Carragher Best Wallpaper

Jamie Carragher ImageJamie Carragher Image

Jamie Carragher PhotoJamie Carragher Photo

Jamie Carragher PosterJamie Carragher Poster

Paolo Maldini AC Milan Football Team

Paolo Maldini PosterPaolo Maldini Poster

Paolo Maldini Football WallpaperPaolo Maldini Football Wallpaper

Paolo Maldini With ChildPaolo Maldini With Child

Paolo Maldini PhotoPaolo Maldini Photo

Paolo Maldini Football PicturePaolo Maldini Football Picture

Paolo Maldini GalleryPaolo Maldini Gallery

Paolo Maldini Best PicturePaolo Maldini Best Picture

Paolo Maldini AC Milan Football TeamPaolo Maldini AC Milan Football Team